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          Barcode scanning equipment size will be huge growth

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          Barcode scanning equipment size will be huge growth

          Release date:2013-04-23 00:00 source:http://www.latelierdebernard.com Click:

          Shopping malls and the world-famous research firm IDC speculated that, by the wholesale / retail trade, manufacturing, logistics and transport profession bar code scanning equipment adhere to high demand for added drive, China barcode scanning equipment malls completed quickly add. Logistics and Transportation Occupation will be the next few years China's most add barcode scanning equipment malls potential career.

              IDC data show that in 2011 China barcode scanning equipment malls scale up to $ 141.9 million in the past three years, he insisted than 30% compound annual addition, China has become the largest Asia-Pacific region barcode scanning equipment malls. From the sub-occupation, the wholesale / retail career still holds the largest share of shopping centers, accounting for 21.1%; manufacturing industry ranked second, accounting for 20.9%; transportation and logistics career ranked third, accounting for 19.6%. Logistics and Transportation Occupation is gradually reducing the distance between the front two careers.

              However, with the Chinese economy slowing add five to six cities and towns have a lot of area to cover up the supermarket, wholesale / retail space narrowing new career; the manufacturing sector continues to slump; make China barcode scanning equipment malls add speed down. Especially in the next three years (2012 Year - 2014) time, addition rate will continue to fall. However, IDC estimates that from the beginning of 2015, with the global economic recovery, China's manufacturing rebound, two-dimensional code scanning devices further enhance the penetration rate, the amount of new occupational barcode financial, medical and other equipment will further add, adding China also barcode scanning equipment malls the speed scratch. IDC estimates that by 2016 China barcode scanning equipment malls will reach $ 303.9 million, in the future five-year compound annual rate of 16.5% added.

              Not the same occupation will appear completely different prospect. IDC survey results for 20 barcode scanning equipment agents appear, respondents generally thought of logistics and transport will be in the future occupation of the three most promising career Category malls.

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