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          Optional thermal transfer ribbon which issues to consider

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          Optional thermal transfer ribbon which issues to consider

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          Usually you need to determine the time of purchase ribbon ribbon color group (wax-based, mixed base or resin-based), the ribbon width and length. To be able to select the appropriate ribbon for optimum printing results, you should consider the following aspects:

          Graphic 1) the desired durability

          If you want to print out the label has good durability, it should choose resin ribbon.

          2) can afford the cost

          In general, the highest cost of ribbon wax ribbon lowest cost, the cost of mixing ribbon, followed by resin-based.

          3) label scratch, scratch, smudge-resistant, corrosion-resistant, high temperature and other requirements, if the label scratch, smudge-resistant, corrosion-resistant, high temperature of friction may often be, we need to have a strong tag scratch resistance, then it should also choose a mixed resin ribbon or ribbon.

          4) In what speed printing

          In the case of high-speed printing and high sense of ribbon should be selected.

          5) In what printer

          In thermal transfer printing method, label paper and ribbon in the longitudinal direction is synchronized consumed, the width direction, the ribbon should be greater than a width equal to the width of the label paper, the printer is less than the maximum print width. Since each printer on the physical size, the maximum length of the roll can be loaded with the maximum width that can be printed is different. In addition, the sensitivity characteristics of the print head and the ribbon with the operating temperature will have a huge impact on the final print.

          6) hit the surface of what

          In general, the coated paper surface is relatively rough, with the ribbon should use wax-based or mixed groups; and PET sheet surface is smooth, it should be compatible with the use of resin-based ribbon.

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